Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Presentation tonight for Mission Hills BID Economic Development Committee

A simple curb cut allows stormwater to flow into plant area.  This is FREE water and cuts down on irrigation costs, stormwater flooding and maintenance, recharges groundwater supplies, and keeps our oceans cleaner for a healthy tourist experience.  Water flows in from road through little channel cuts. Photo provided courtesy of  Zach Beaulieu's blog.

We have our first presentation of Walk The Wash tonight to the committee that works on Economic Development for the Mission Hills Business Improvement District.

How would Walk The Wash improve business and economics in Mission Hills?

  • Easier access via pedestrian walk-ways, and bike lanes mean increased patronage of businesses at the bottom and the top of the hill, especially India and Goldfinch Streets, and beyond.
  • If more people are able to walk and bike to these businesses from the local area, there will increased parking availability allowing for new patrons to park and utilize the shops and businesses.  
  • Safer streets are more inviting, and mean more people get out to patronize the businesses.
  • If the project incorporates the Trolley station and/or includes parking near it, folks could take the train in from other areas in the County, and then walk to India Street businesses or walk/take the bus up the hill to Mission Hills, Hillcrest, and Normal Heights.     
  • Increased access to the Washington Street public trolley means reduced traffic all over our community.
  • Decreased urban runoff means cleaner beaches for our tourist economy.
  • Decreased stormwater flooding reduces maintenance costs in our community.
  • Managing the local stormwater via curb cuts into planted areas instead of down stormwater drains means trees and plants get free water, and produce more shade and cooling effects in a hot urban area.
  • Less impact to sewer flows is more economical, and has less maintenance costs and project ‘downtime’ to the community. 
  • Groundwater recharge keeps plants and habitat supported, conserves water, and keeps the environment healthy.
  • Revitalization of a very urban/traffic-centric corridor gives a stronger feeling of community, which means a stronger value for homes and businesses.
  • Native and low-water use plants thrive on stormwater-based irrigation, and allows Mission Hills to have a unique sense of place that gives our community a distinctive look.
  • The Arbor Day Foundation has proven that homes and neighborhoods with trees have higher property values.
Washington Street is a major gateway to our community and sets the tone for its look and feel and how we view our community.  Do you think Walk The Wash can have more business impacts not listed here?  Please feel to add your comments.

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