Friday, June 22, 2012

Mission Hills BID votes to support our project!

Great little meeting this week at the Mission Hills BID.  After a short presentation, and some Q and A, the board voted to support our project.  Thank you Mission Hills BID! 

A few of the questions that came up:
- Can we save the parking at the bottom of the canyon?  The businesses on India Street do not have enough.  (The businesses did just start offering valet service.  $6.00 gets your car parked!)
- Is there any opportunity for more parking?
- Can we see the budget for this project?
- Can we see a map for the proposed site?

These questions keep coming up, so I will try to post the answers in an overview of the project in the coming weeks. 

Personally, I think the parking issue will be handled in few ways once the project is complete:
- people will end up walking or biking down Washington from Mission Hills instead of driving because now it will be safe to do so.  This means more parking will open up. 
- if we can connect the bike lane and better pedestrian walkwasy to the Washington Street Trolley, this is one more way people can patronize the businesses on India.
- if we create parking in some of the empty lots down by the trolley station, it would be helpful for the businesses, and anyone using the trolley.  

The budget for the entire SANDAG bicycle plan is $249 million.  I will try to find a copy of it and post it here.

The map is in the Bicycle Master Plan.  It is the proposed map of where the planners think the lanes should be.  Because we are early in the planning process, there is time to consider what makes the most sense for our community, so talking about what our needs are is really important. 

If you had to create more parking for the businesses at the bottom of Washington and India, where would you put it? 

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