Feature Requests

Below is a request for planning features we have received.  Please contact us if you have one!

1. Consider using rubberized asphalt pavement on Washington canyon to mitigate the constant roar and thump of car tires on hard concrete pavement. 

- submitted by Vernon Franck, Metropolitan Mapping
  North Park

2. It would be great to maintain or even increase the amount of parking spots available to India Street North area.

- submitted by David Wallace, Senior Helpers
   Mission Hills

3. MTS should construct Park and Ride lots west of the Washington Street Trolley Station to encourage more trolley ridership and assist in mitigating a blighted and underutilized area.

- submitted by  Lara Gates, President, Mission Hills Town Council
  Mission Hills

4. There should be bioswales to capture urban runoff and bank the rainwater for use by native plantings.  
- submitted by Belinda Smith, Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Chapter, Know Your H2O
  Mission Hills

5. The MH BID and MHPAC (Mission Hills Parking Advisory  Committee) is very enthusiastic to work with SANDAG to improve the W. Washington entrance.  The votes taken to support Walk the Wash were
to maintain or increase parking in the area while encouraging dedicated bike and pedestrian access lanes.
Ideas discussed and receiving overwhelming support is the bike/pedestrian paths to be in front of diagonal parking. I have reported this support to the Uptown Community Parking District Board, as well.
- Thanks, Gerrie Trussell, Executive Director, The Mission Hills BID


  1. Work with the major employers in the Mission Hills and Hillcrest area to provide park & ride to their job, from a trolley stop parking area at the foot of Washington.

  2. Nice idea! I bet the employees would love a chance to take public transport. And that would help open up parking for other businesses in the area.