Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Washington Street in Mission Hills is a danger zone!

Just ask anyone.  Walking up Washington Street means taking your life into your own hands, and as we talked about it more, we realized something had to be done.

"It's just not safe."
"Cars race up and down there!"
"I felt like I might get hit at any minute walking along the side part!"  (Yes, there's no sidewalk!)

These were some of the phrases friends were saying, so when we saw this article we decided to get involved!

Mission Hills resident, and Town Council President Lara Gates was explaining the problem exactly as we saw it:

  • "We are supposed to be a City of Villages and you can literally not walk down Washington," she says. "It's so scary."
  • "There's a crash here once a week," she says.
  • "Oh! No more bike lane! Sorry!" says Gates sarcastically as dotted lines indicate cyclists should merge back into the flow of vehicle traffic.