Monday, May 13, 2013

Bike lanes to boost business in Mission Hills, San Diego!

I haven't posted on Walk the Wash in forever because now that the project is funded and underway, we are all waiting to see what the fabulous team at SANDAG has come up with!  We are eagerly anticipating the design solutions in the coming weeks.  As soon as we have pics, we'll post them.

In the meantime, our friend Jean sent us this great post from Treehuger on how bike lanes boost business.

Bike lanes increase business and decrease injuries to everyone using the streets.

You can read the article on how bikes boost business, but suffice it to say, that a NY study showed a whopping 49% increase in retail sales! When you consider that our city council just made the permits for outdoor sidewalk seating a lot easier and cheaper, this will really increase sales for everyone on Washington and the surrounding areas!

I wonder what would happen to businesses along India street if there was a bike lane there too?