Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bike lane blacked out!

Ok, I'm calling, "foul"!  

Tomorrow being Earth Day, a couple of us decided to hold a cleanup on Washington Street.  We set up around 8a.m and got going on picking up all the litter.  

As more people showed up, one noticed how the bike lane sign in the street at the corner of Washington and India had been blacked out. 

Who approved blacking out the bike lane sign on the road?  Clearly the sign posted on the right says this is a bike lane, yet someone has had it painted over and one can only assume someone at the city approved it. 

Who is responsible for this?
You can see the paint used to be there.  Now it's painted over!

Why would someone do that? And again, who decided to do it? And more importantly who approved it? Is parking really more important than the lives of our community?

We already know people travel way too fast on Washington, but to purposely make it more unsafe for those who commute by bike on it is unconsciable!  

Our cleanup was successful. Here's just a portion of the trash that went into the dumpster.  

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