Friday, October 12, 2012

Tours of Washington Street in Mission Hills

Scary intersection at Washington Street and India in Mission Hills. Let's plant some trees in the medians!  

We are going to start giving tours of the Washington Street canyon area.  This is to solicit feedback from the community on what features we would like for the SANDAG regional bike plan upgrade.

Last night at the Mission Hills Town Hall meeting, people were very enthusiastic about upgrading the road because as the gateway to Mission Hills, it will mean significant improvements for the canyon, especially safety and aesthetics!  Can you imagine if those medians were planted with beautiful native trees?

Gerrie Trussel from the BID told me the business owners would like to see more parking spaces.  And yes, more parking in the area is needed.  But of course the project is not about creating parking, it's about getting people out of their cars, and using foot and pedal power!  Naturally though, we want to accommodate everyone in our community, so we would like to try to squeeze in more room for those in their automobiles.

The tour schedule is listed in the link above, and I will add to it as needed, but the first one will be tomorrow, Saturday 10/13 at 10a.m. outside Gelato Vero.  It will last approximately 30-45 minutes and we'll cover all issues from crosswalks, to hillside plants, to yes - parking!

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